WoodBorer: SIPC-Fumigant Injection Treatment otherInsects

  • Every year thousands of homes and commercial places are infested by wood destroying pests like wood borers and termites.
  • Borer activity is usually determined by the presence of borer holes.
  • SIPC offers Injection & fumigation treatment which is most effective to control wood borer.
  • Beetles, moth and lice are the most common insect pests of stored grain and processed food products.
  • They are small enough to feed and hide inside the stored grains and will feed over clothing, rugs and other fabrics to all food materials and have their shelter over the same materials.
  • SIPC offers disinfestations and fumigation treatment on continuous monitoring scheme to the time frame offered by the client.
  • We offer various Fumigation Services such as: In-Transit Fumigation, Bulk/Bagged Commodities Fumigation, Containers Fumigation, Empty hold Fumigation, Ship Fumigation, Stored Grain Fumigation, Factory Fumigation and Quarantine Fumigation.

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