Glass Facade Cleaning

  • As face is the index of mind the face look of exterior and facades of your business area need to be maintained neat and tidy always. Yes the face of your building should receive your business guest with cheer and make them feel good.
  • Facades are exposed to undesirable factors such as dust, pollutants, rain and shine that cause stains, dampness and weathering in all seasons.Hence, periodic cleaning and maintenance of the facade is important to ensure the long-term conservation of building and its property value.
  • Unlike the regular housekeeping operations glass facade cleaning is difficult and most important one as it requires cleaning skill with climbing talent and modern equipments for cleaning and climbing.
  • Our service includes cleaning of glass fronts, windows, frames, winter gardens, glass surfaces, facades by using high pressure cleaning equipments, lifting hoists, mobile facade cleaning platform, etc.
  • Chemicals used for surface cleaning, stain removal, preservative agents and impregnating agents ensure long-term protection.
  • We follow standard safety precautions to carryout glass facade cleaning process.
  • Our experts in glass fa├žade cleaning division will set standard operation procedures suitable for every site after careful inspection and fix cost effective procedure to meet individual requirement.

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