Corporate Manpower

  • It is time for a change in taking your business to the next level by exclusively dedicating your core competency in business activity rather than spending energy to look into in-house management.
  • SIFMS is committed to come extra miles with you to offer solution for your entire man power requirement in running in-house business schedule.
  • Out sourcing of man power with SIFMS is the best option for running daily routine as it
    • Has no liability of man power.
    • Has no hassle due to legal obligations of man power (ESI, PF, Graduity, Bonous, leave, managing pay and allowance, etc).
    • Creates synergy in work processes.
    • You have option to choose working mode.
    • Gives more time to involve in core business.
    • Facilitates to complete the work in time.
    • Can adjust expenditure on man power based on requirement.
    • Can achieve business target conveniently.
  • It is cost effective, advantageous and contemporary business style.
  • South India Facility Management Services (P) limited offers man power for all kind of in-house business needs on short term or permanent requirement.
  • We have experts to choose the best skilled employee for you from the manpower resources and a large pool of resumes we have.
  • Right now we offer following man power for all kind of business organizations
    • Temporary labour service (As per requirement)
    • Data entry operator/ computer operator.
    • Office assistance/Office utility Boy.
    • Receptionist and front desk managers.
    • Staff for hospitality service (eg ,Kitchen helpers, Stewards, etc.)
    • Supporting staff for skilled/unskilled works.

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